(Consider all the Used Book Store reviews as spoilers.) The first time I came across Nathan Rabin’s book You Don’t Know me But You Don’t Like Me, I was both intrigued and suspicious. I love subcultures. The pockets of enjoyment people nestle themselves into for escape are always blown way out of proportion by outside […]

(Consider all these Used Book Store reviews as spoilers) Technically, as I write this, Mostly Void, Partially Stars and The Great Glowing Coils of the Universe by Joseph Fink and Jeffery Cranor have been out for 4 months. They’re still fairly new releases, by my standards. They are scripts, though, of the hit podcast Welcome […]

I haven’t been writing. Not really. There’s been some dalliances with a poem here or there, but nothing significant. Raising a kid and struggling with depression has taken up most of my time. As I’ve been working towards finding a job, though, I feel that I have no skills to offer. No accomplishments to promote. […]

Sometimes you have to take a break. Tomato Hornworms bury themselves under ground and cocoon themselves in hard, red chrysalis to wait out the winter. The moth emerges in the summer, ready to start the cycle over again. While they are still larvae, they consume massive amounts of leaves. I watched one strip one side […]

A writing haven.

A writing haven.

Clearing out a home for writing can help the brain get situated. I’m lucky that my desk is currently by my books. This great little space is an amalgam of dark wood bookshelves from a chain store – meh – and a consignment desk, an inherited lamp, chair, and bookend from my uncle. A few cozy odds and ends, and suddenly I’m typing out diary entries and musing over what biography to read next. After a long break from writing, this is exactly what I need. The break was necessary. I don’t regret it at all. From that pause, I managed to add on to our family with the little dude and create a wonderful chapbook that I’ll hopefully get to post more about soon. Fingers crossed!