A storm is rolling overhead. It’s hard to discuss storms without it sounding ominous. There’s something soothing about watching weather framed by adobe walls. A sense of geometry that contains space and perspective.

In The Patio - Georgia O'Keeffe

In The Patio – Georgia O’Keeffe















Rain is something to be grateful for here in the desert. While it can bring destruction, to be sure, it’s typically met with relief. With wonder. With a big, happy sigh. Right now, the rain is pouring and the sky is almost yellow. Over the monitor, the kiddo is snoring. My husband is talking to the cats as they all smell the rain from behind the window screen. A double rainbow. More rain. Sunset light and wind. There is nothing foreboding about this. It simply is. The plants curled up their leaves and said, “It’s time” and the clouds unleashed. Just relief. It’s all deserved.


I’m excited. I’ve sent in a resume for a job that I really want. Something that speaks to me, that really moves me. When I saw the listing, my skin went electric. This. This! This is something I can do. I know that I would be amazing at it. And, of course, my anxiety and self-doubt are trying to diminish the attempt but I’m trying hard to send them on their way. This is right. I know this is right. I took a leap and put myself out there.

The sky is goldenrod now. Now peach. Now firey orange. Now a painted bruise. The geometry of my view is orange, sand, pink. Things shift and morph every time I turn my head. So finally, finally, we run outside and just watch. Watch the sky paint itself into what a dream sky might look like. Colors erupt and explode as we drink wine and listen to the silent whisper of the monitor. All is ready. My sight is filled with colors.

A thought of clouds.

A thought of clouds.